dc7 - 1.0


José Miguel Parrella Romero

I'm Jose Miguel Parrella Romero, an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student from Venezuela which maintains some packages in the archive and collaborates with Debian in other aspects.

My name is Jose Miguel Parrella Romero, I'm a venezuelan student which is involved in Debian since 2005. I maintain some packages in the archive and I'm currently in part one of the NM process. I've been developing Debian-based solutions in Venezuela for both government and private enterprises, including Debian-based distributions, institutional solutions, and so on. I would like to participate in DC7 as I did in DC6, sharing and learning with fellow developers from around the World and try to share what we're doing in Venezuela to promote and improve the utilization of Debian in several ways. I'm also working in some Web-based applications for Debian written in Perl, namely a web-based package builder, some Perl modules to model Debian packages, and so on.


bureado at debian dot org dot ve