dc7 - 1.0


José Miguel Parrella Romero
Day 10
Room Lower BoF Room
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 40
Event type Panel discussion
Track DebConf
Language English

Selecting, developing and deploying Debian-based IT solutions in the Venezuelan migration process

Describing the Venezuelan experience deploying Debian-based solutions nationwide, a shared (government and community) success story

This presentation outlines the process of deploying Debian-based IT solutions in several government institutions in Venezuela, and the election of Debian as a preferred distribution in the Venezuelan migration process

This talk will outline the Venezuelan experience on getting together a Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution, what projects are we basing our developments on, what improvements have been made, how are we planning to give back to the Free Software community (especially Debian) and how Debian has been empowering local projects that range from videoconferencing for the State oil company to education projects for a national IT literacy plan.


* Outline the National Migration Plan and how it affects current IT projects in the national public administration. Facts and figures about the road ahead: 25 ministries, more than 500 institutions. * Outline Government's participation and support for local Communities, especially the Debian community: Debian Venezuela, Debian Day, National Congress on Free Software, World Forum on Free Knowledge, Minidebconf, and so on. * Present some Venezuelan institutions that are using Debian for mission critical tasks. Some of this institutions are the Currency Control Office, the Patents Office, the State oil company, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, and so on. * Present the national Debian-based distribution, guidelines for development, objectives, current work and improvements that could be given back to the Community, especially Debian Live. * Present how Debian empowers local projects, both government-endorsed and private-endorsed, and how Debian fits in the National Migration Plan for 2007..