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Tim Cutts

Debian developer for 10 years, with particular interest in high performance computing, large clusters, clustered storage and automated system administration

I initially trained as a scientist; I have a PhD in Cancer Research - the title was "Checkpoint controls in the latter half of the mammalian cell cycle"

I've been programming as a hobby since I was a teenager. I've been using Linux since late 1992, and became a Debian Developer in about 1996.

My initial Debian involvement was as the original packager of Exim, so you all have me to thank for that! These days, I maintain am-utils and tkcvs, and am the local administrator for one of the Alpha buildd's.

I work at the Sanger Institute, which does public research into human disease, and was the single largest contributor to the sequencing of the human genome (we did about 1/3 of it). My job here is to be part of the team that builds and runs our high performance computing systems. Currently, that consists of a >1,500 CPU cluster running Debian. All members of the team have PhD's in biological or computer science, the aim being to understand what the scientists are trying to achieve, and build systems appropriate to those requirements. Conversely, part of our role is to help the scientists program the systems effectively.

As far as other interests are concerned, I'm married, have been living in the Cambridge area for most of the last 20 years, and spend my non-computer time singing in a local high-standard amateur choir, the Fairhaven Singers, playing badminton, or freezing my **** off looking at the heavens through one of my telescopes.


tjrc1 at debian dot org