dc7 - 1.0


Alexander "Tolimar" Schmehl
Day 13
Room Basement Talk Room
Start time 09:45
Duration 01:00
ID 37
Event type Lecture
Track DebConf
Language English

Debian event howto

organizing successfull Debian representation at events

More and more often Debian is invited to represent itself on some kind of fair or exhibition. Sometimes Debian is even invited, to participate during a larger conference with it's own conference track! Sadly we are lack behind our potential; sometimes we don't have enough volunteers, sometimes we do small failures regarding the representation of the Debian project to the public.

This talk tries two things: Motivate people to be a volunteer at the next events by showing them how easy it is to organize an event as well as warn all volunteers about common mistakes.

The talk will be guided by the recommendations of the "Essen meeting" of European developers had to enhance Debians presentation in the German speaking area.