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Jan-Marek Glogowski
Day 13
Room Basement Talk Room
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 146
Event type Lecture
Track DebConf
Language English

LiMux - Debian desktops in the city of Munich

A (mainly) technical overview and demo

LiMux is the Linux project of the city of Munich, which will switch about 14.000 PC to Debian until 2009 (80% of the PCs). The talk will provide mainly technical background and a kind of LiMux HOWTO. We'll provide these information, while we are running a live installation of a (virtual) new workstation, to illustrate our developments.

This is the first, but almost final outline - I'll present better text next week. This should give an impression of the overall talk.

  • Background
+ Quick project history overview (really short ;-) + Our IT structure (NCP, SMB, LDAP, WinNT4) + Our IT organisation (17 distributed independent departments and outsourced companies) + Main problems (special municipal software) + Current project status
  • LiMux HOWTO
+ How we manage our desktops + Central config DB (LDAP) + Distributed management tool (GOsa) + Client installation and update (FAI) + Software distribution (almost self distributed software depot servers - FAI class) + (maybe) Our release and development management (GOsa - FAI branches)
  • Live Demo
+ VMware image simulation main parts of our IT infrastructure (LDAP, DHCP, DNS, software depot / repository server) + Working with GOsa + New client - the install procedure (maybe also updates...) + New user - attach applications, groups, menus, profiles, USB-devices, ...