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Simon Richter
Day DebConf arrival day (2009-07-23)
Room Upper talkroom
Start time 10:00
Duration 03:00
ID 448
Event type lecture
Track DebCamp
Language en

Component-based software

understanding GNOME, Mozilla and Windows

A short run-down of component systems is given, explaining the basic concepts and some of the details necessary to use them. Both CORBA and (XP)COM are covered.

Complex software is often designed as individual components working together, with each component being implemented separate from the others, which is in stark contrast to the programming models usually found in the Unix world. This talk gives a quick insight into this design approach and its strengths and weaknesses, and should help contributors to GNOME and Mozilla to understand the codebase better.


  • Interface driven design
  • CORBA and COM
  • Object ownership
  • Component isolation
  • The memory allocation problem
  • The Initial Object Reference problem
  • UI components
  • Scripting components
  • Examples