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Vagrant Cascadian
Day DebConf day 7 (2009-07-30)
Room Upper talkroom
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 394
Event type bof
Track DebConf Unofficial
Language en

Building Debian from Debian

discussion of the miscelany of tools that build debian installations

Many tools all essentially install Debian, in some capacity, form or fashion. This would be a discussion of the various tools in Debian used to install Debian chroots, virtual servers, physical hardware, etc. and what common issues and workarounds are currently needed, with an eye towards developing more common code to share between projects.

people interested in the following tools or similar tools would be valuable to the discussion:

debian-installer debian-cd simple-cdd debian-live xen-tools util-vserver pbuilder simple-cdd cdebootstrap debootstrap LTSP FAI