dc9 - 0.5


Victor Remolina
Rafael Campos Las Heras
David Samblas
Day DebConf day 2 (2009-07-25)
Room BOF room - no video
Start time 19:00
Duration 02:00
ID 376
Event type other
Track DebConf Unofficial
Language en

Openmoko Buzz Fix Party

Repairing buzz hardware bug live and for free (free as beer)

We will fix the Neo for you :), At DebConf9 and with Openmoko Inc support we will celebrate a "Fix it" party and we will fix you Neo live there ,

Armed with a good soldering station a good trained technician for this specific fix after more than 60 units and two previous Fix Parties , will be there at your disposal to fix your neo live right there, meanwhile you wait for the Neo to be fixed you can take a beer with us and the rest of Neo owners out there

If for whatever reason(lack of time, too much beer...) we not can fix it then, we can pickup it, repair it at lab, and send you back the Neo wherever you want. Shipping costs will be comunicated if this situation happens

You have to have to "buy"(is free so no cost) one Fix it Party ticket from the special Debconf shop Tuxbrain, at http://www.tuxbrain.com/debconf , has setup for the event with important discounts in Openmoko related products for Debconf/Debcamp assistants.