dc9 - 0.5


Christian Perrier
Day DebConf day 2 (2009-07-25)
Room Garden / Patio
Start time 23:00
Duration 03:00
ID 367
Event type other
Track DebConf
Language en

Cheese and wine party

The traditional DebConf cheese tasting event

The Cheese and Wine party is now a tradition in Debconfs. Debconf 9 will not fail that tradition and the goal is of course having the best and smelliest cheese party ever.

No Debconf without Cheese and Wine party, that's at least true since Debconf 5 in Helsinki.

So, DC9 will not be an exception and we will again have a C&W party.

The event is, from what I see in Penta, officially scheduled for Saturday July 25th, 21:30 local time.

Of course, that will, as usual, require participation by attendees, particularly the French gang, to bring enough material for it.

The principle is easy: attendees do their best to bring good cheese and|or good wine or liquors from their own place and we all share this in the best suitable place we can find for this.

If you can't bring anything....you're still highly welcome. We need many people to come and be sure that nothing is left at the end.

Don't expect something very organized: everybody is free to come and join. Don't feel like you have to bring something to participate: we all know this is not always easy when travelling, sometimes for a long time. Cheese is still considered as dangerous material in many places and as a military weapon in some others..:-)

The main rationale should be, as usual in Debian: focus on quality. If something from your place|country|region seems worth being discovered by Debconf attendees, you can certainly bring it and share. The last C&W have already proven that Debconf attendees enjoy good food and drinks.

Cheese should be the main topic of the even, along with wine, of course. This is the spirit of the event and it should remain as is.

Spain is a very cheese-friendly country...so let's take advantage of this..:-)

One should also remember that "cheese party" generally means "cheese AND WINE party", which generally extends to "cheese and wine and anything containing ethanol as long as this is good stuff" party.