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Franklin Piat
Day DebConf day 5 / Conference dinner (2009-07-28)
Room Upper talkroom
Start time 13:00
Duration 01:00
ID 364
Event type lecture
Track DebConf
Language en

Hardware Report, Database and PopCon

Provide better hardware support to our users.

Hardware support implies two different points : Providing a Driver and configuring the system. We need a tool to collect information to improve both situation.

  • When Debian/Stable is prepared, we need to improve the devices support by improving the drivers and packages (identify most used devices, devices without driver, etc..)
  • Once Debian/Stable is released, the users needs some documentation : How a given system or device is supported by Debian/Stable and what extra configuration is needed to use it at it's best .

The presentation will first list what DDs and users need, regarding hardware report. Then we'll review the situation in Lenny and list needed improvements. We'll then review existing tools, list pros and cons and explained what tool(s) we decided to use.

Current situation[1] : Have been done, what goals are achieved (by July). We would probably have two packages : one for manual reports with comments, a second one that makes automated report (might be merged in popcon). The website to view reports will probably be quite light by July.

Future improvements / Related works :

  • Improve the web interface.
  • Suggest software according to plugged hardware [P.Reinholdtsen]
  • Consolidate figures with other Linux distributions to ask support from hardware vendors.
  • Yours Ideas ? -> Volunteers are welcome -> The data are available, you can use it in your tools !