dc13 - 1.0


Andreas Tille
Day DebConf day 2 (2013-08-12)
Room Second talk room
Start time 10:30
Duration 00:45
ID 986
Event type lecture
Track Debian Blends and Derivatives
Language en

Why running a Blend?

Debian Med as a success story for other Blends

After 11 years Debian Med has made an amazing success regarding forming a team inside Debian. We have won statistically one developer per year who confirmed to be a DD only because the Debian Med project exists. Considering that medicine is really a small citizen in the free software universe compared to other fields Debian could cover even better this talk tries to explain the way we went to become attractive for a lot of people who finally consider Debian as the operating system of choice if it comes to tasks in biology and medical care.

Even if the talk contains the terms "medical care" and "biology" it is basically targeting to people of other fields to learn how to make a topic inside Debian successful. It will not cover any details about specific programs in this field.