dc13 - 1.0


Jean-Michel Philippe
Day DebConf day 7 (2013-08-17)
Room Main talk room
Start time 10:30
Duration 00:45
ID 1033
Event type lightning
Track Debian in education
Language en

Why DoudouLinux matters

Getting children used to Debian from 2 years old

Nowadays, we live in a world invaded by technology. Technology can serve as a Trojan horse that influences our minds, reduces our choices and dictates another’s ideas of good and bad. If our children are too accepting of that type of technology, and if they build our joint future based on that type of technology, we will, all of us, have less choice, less freedom, and fewer opportunities in that future.

For this reason, we need to make free software available to children at an early age. We need free software that is as attractive as TV, as gaming consoles or tablets! We need free software that evokes good memories of childhood. This is the purpose of DoudouLinux, a computer system dedicated to children from 2 years on, aimed at entertaining and stimulating their minds for their own self-fulfillment.

DoudouLinux is currently translated into 43 languages. We are gaining more and more attention from the world. And, of course… it is based on Debian!