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Pablo Ariel Duboue
Day DebConf Day 4 (Thursday) (2012-07-12)
Room Roberto Terán
Start time 15:00
Duration 00:45
ID 951
Event type bof
Language en

Reigning over high-volume Debian e-mails

Debian community depends heavily on emails, not only for personal communication but also for many tools that produce output through emails.

Each Debian contributor has developed their own set of tools and habits to cope with the heavy streaming of email.

I want to present in this talk two free sofware tools I have developed so far, one for my personal use (listoso reader) and another for community use (@debian_es).

The listoso reader (https://sourceforge.net/projects/listosoreader/) builds a personalized model of messages found relevant in the past and uses it to classify new emails. This is a Free software solution equivalent to Web services running on proprietary software. So far this tool is not easily installable.

The @debian_es is a very short (150+ lines) Perl script that tweets everything in the Debian Spanish-speaking User mailing list with at least three replies in a thread. It can be easily adapted to other mailing lists.

Besides presenting these tools we can have a little bit of a town-hall / bird-of-feathers on approaches to deal with high volume mailing lists.