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Jon Anderson Hall, Esq.
Day DebConf Day 1 / Debian Day (2010-08-01)
Room Davis Auditorium
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00
ID 663
Event type lecture
Track Community Outreach
Language en

Project Caua: Private Sector, Environmentally Friendly Jobs with Free Software

Project Caua is an Open project to create millions of private sector, environmentally friendly jobs in urban areas of Latin America utilizing FOSS, with implications of creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in North America and millions more around the world.

In addition, Project Caua will open an avenue for free (as in beer) wireless Internet to help defeat the digital divide, and to provide low-cost training to get even more people off unemployment and create taxpayers.

The specifications for Project Caua can be found at www.projectcaua.org.

While Project Caua is distribution neutral, Debian would be a natural choice as the underlying distribution and sample implementation. This talk will outline Project Caua and hopefully open the discussion for actual implementation details.

This is a project that I had been formulating slowly for about five years. Two years ago it picked up steam when a Brazilian friend of mine called and said that he felt it would work in Brazil and we started fine-tuning it. One year ago we applied for some grants to do the pilots and those are still being fine-tuned.

We are still figuring a way to finance it, but we also want to start turning our attention to the finer aspects of the technical issues. I would like to present this on Sunday (Deb Day) as it does have a lot of social impact, shows how FOSS is about the only way this can be done, and would be good for people in the general audience to see that. However I would also like to have a BoF to discuss some of the technical details, which software could be used and why...etc. on Monday.