dc10 - 0.5


Matt Taggart
Day DebConf Day 3 (2010-08-03)
Room Interschool Lab
Start time 11:30
Duration 01:00
ID 587
Event type bof
Track Enterprise
Language en

Puppet BOF

Group discussion of using puppet to manage systems

From the puppet upstream site, "Puppet is an open source data center automation and configuration management framework. Puppet provides system administrators with a simplified platform that allows for consistent, transparent, and flexible systems management." We will discuss using puppet on Debian, the state of puppet and related packages in Debian, and share best practices and puppet modules.

Puppet Birds of a Feather session.

All levels of puppet users and developers are welcome. We plan to

  • share information about the environments we're using puppet to manage
  • discuss the services we have puppet manage
  • share locations for puppet module code we are using
  • discuss the state of puppet in debian and related packages and add ons
  • ask and answer questions about puppet
  • hack on puppet modules to make them easier to share and more robust

NOTE: users of Chef and other large installation management tools are welcome as long as they promise to sit quietly and not heckle people :)