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Russ Allbery
Day DebConf Day 2 (2010-08-02)
Room 414 Schapiro
Start time 14:00
Duration 01:00
ID 574
Event type bof
Language en

Debian Policy BoF

General discussion of the current state and workflow for Debian Policy, possible future changes to the document structure and workflow, and general discussion of how to get more people involved and how to help Policy evolve at the pace desired by the project.

Debian Policy is one of the features that makes Debian relatively unique: it tries to be thorough and comprehensive and is very widely followed by the project. However, it perpetually suffers from a lack of resources and slow adaptation to new project directions and needs. This is an open general discussion about the current state, challenges, and hopes for the future, including discussion of the current workflow and whether or how it could be changed or improved. Also part of the discussion will be how others can jump in and help.