dc7 - 1.0


Henning Sprang
Day 11
Room Upper Talk Room
Start time 09:45
Duration 01:00
ID 65
Event type Lecture
Track DebConf
Language English

Debian virtualization support

Roundtrip through Debian's virtualization features with an enphasis on Xen

Debian Etch contains more than 50 virtualization-related packages. These include new developments as the much hyped Xen hypervisor, as well as OpenVZ, the core of the commercial operating-system-level virtualization product Virtuozzo, but alo some old-school emulators of ancient computing machinery not available anymore in real hardware. This talk will guide you through a small roundtrip to get an impression what's on the plate for whom, and go in the details of the Xen-related packages and tools.

The talk consist of an overview of all the different technologies and implementations around virtualization. It will give a short introdutcion on the different sort of virtualization, and which packages are available in Debian for people who want to use these in different usage scenarios in researcha and development, testing and production environements.

It will then go into details about Xen support in Debian, and show how to use it, what it can do, and what not. Especially the tools xenman and xen-tools get a deeper look, as well as using the automatic installation framework FAI for installation of Xen virtual machines.

We will also show how different non-debian distributions and even non-Linux operating systems can be installed and used as guest systems on Debian Etch, and give some important hints on what special actions need to be taken to run Debian on other distributions as guest systems, because not all Xen systems of other distributions are built in a sane way, so using other distributions does not "just work" as expected.