dc7 - 1.0


martin f. krafft
Day 13
Room Upper Talk Room
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 44
Event type Lecture
Track DebConf
Language English

Method diffusion in large volunteer projects

Researching into the volunteer nature of Debian

This presentation is about ongoing research on innovation diffusion in the Debian project. The goal is to determine the conditions under which volunteers adopt new approaches to everyday challenges. The talk illustrates the concepts behind innovation diffusion research, introduces the assessment framework used, gives a short overview of the research approach, and offers some of the results to date.

The Debian project is a very complex social system, and its volunteer nature and associated inertia can have quite a dampening effect on the adoption of innovative techniques aiming to improve cooperation and increase efficiency. However, Debian is not the only project confronted by such issues; studies of how to diffuse novel methods into existing, complex social systems are numerous and diverse. The study looks at past diffusions within Debian and other projects in an attempt to provide a prescriptive framework to guide future diffusions and increase their success.