dc7 - 1.0


Tom Marble
Day 13
Room Lower BoF Room
Start time 16:15
Duration 00:45
ID 126
Event type Open discussion (BoF)
Track DebConf
Language English

OpenJDK and the Free Java Packaging Roadmap

Hear the details on the liberation roadmap for OpenJDK and how to leverage the DevJam session from FOSDEM for packaging Java applications

In November 2006 Sun announced that Java would be open sourced under the GPL and provided source for the javac compiler and HotSpot virtual machine. This year the remainder of the JDK source will be published. This talk will cover the roadmap for the liberation as well as build depends, naming and branding issues. Let's work on updating Debian Java Policy with respect to packaging issues for runtimes, libraries and applications for GNU/Linux Java Policy as discussed at the FOSDEM DevJam.