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RC bug fixing + NMU = Fun

how to have fun via NMU campaigns and RC bug fixing

In recent release cycles, it has become more and more evident that a "selfish" approach in which maintainers only care about their own (team maintained) packages does not scale. To keep up with our principle of releasing RC-bug-free software we all need to care about the packages of other, in particular when they are RC-buggy. That, of course, involves actions such as NMU-ing properly, but timely too.

This BoF aims will bring together people that care about keeping the RC bug count low not only for what concerns their own packages, but also when it comes to packages of other fellow DDs. Topics of discussion include:

  • How to spot packages that need NMU from other maintainers.
  • Official guidelines for when and how do NMUs (devref ยง5.11.1).
  • Best practice and invidual work-flow for NMU campaign (the guidelines used by the BoF proponent are in the links section).
  • How (and if?) communicate about NMU campaigns to get other fellow developers involved.
  • How to train new/forthcoming Debian developers to care more about packages other than theirs.
  • etc.
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