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José Miguel Parrella Romero
Day DebianDay BA (2008-08-18)
Room DebianDay - Etch
Start time 12:00
Duration 01:00
ID 314
Event type lecture
Track DebianDay

Debian: casos de éxito en implementaciones empresariales

Recorriendo las posibilidades de Debian, el sistema operativo libre y universal, en organizaciones de cualquier objeto y tamaño

En esta breve presentación se introducirá al participante en las aplicaciones empresariales de Debian, el sistema operativo libre y universal, y como puede una organización de cualquier objeto (pública, privada, académica, defensa, ONG) aprovecharse del modelo de desarrollo colaborativo que caracteriza a la distribución de software libre más grande del Mundo. Se visitarán casos de estudio en América Latina y otras regiones, delineando una estrategia de acercamiento para los participantes que deseen implementar Debian en sus organizaciones. La charla durará entre 45 y 60 minutos, y será realizada en castellano.

In this brief presentation participants will be introduced to enterprise applications of Debian, the free and universal operating system, and how an organization of any type (public, private, academic, defense, NGO) might take profit from the collaborative development approach featured by the biggest free software distribution in the world. Study cases from Latin America and other regions will be visited, scaffolding an approach strategy for those participants willing to deploy Debian in their institutions. The talk will take between 45 and 60 minutes and will be given in spanish.

The following submission note is given in english so everyone can comment on the talk proposal:

This talk is the result from those experiences being a Debian speaker in international events at Venezuela and India, as well as other Debconfs, as well as being involved in several Debian implementations in Venezuela. The target of this talk are decission makers and prospective users/developers approaching Debian from their perspective as proprietary software users.

The proposed contents are:

  1. Why change? 1.1 Benefits of deploying free and open source software 1.2 Benefits of the Debian collaborative development approach 1.3 Benefits of changing people's way to do things

  2. Usage patterns 2.1 Deploy a secure, low maintenance backend 2.2 Reduce proprietary and commercial license usage 2.3 Derive an operating system from Debian 2.4 Develop new business strategies

  3. Study cases 3.1 Venezuela's Migration Process (derived distributions, end user migration processes with tens of thousands of Debian users, new backends, et al) 3.2 LatAm Debian derivatives (why?, how they work?) 3.3 Debian as a business strategy (OpenMoko, Asus eeePc, HP support)

  4. Getting involved 4.1 Defining a target and achieving it with Debian 4.2 How to interact with Debian