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Noboru Yamamoto
Day DebConf day 5 (2013-08-15)
Room BoF room 1
Start time 15:30
Duration 00:45
ID 1067
Event type bof
Language en

IP revolution of telecommunication and explosion of Internet of Things

Some examples of the M2M and Internet of Things in Japan

The satellite communication has been considered as the last bastion of the old analogue technology. But the recent launches of Ka-band satellite combined with IP technology advances is expected to breakdown the bastion and to conclude the IP revolution in the telecommunications field. The revolution of telecommunication is now coincided by an expansion of various navigation systems. This will create the exploding opportunities for M2M and Internet of Things all over the world.

The presentation will include discussion on some of the actual examples of the IoT in Japan and will indicate an endless list of applications in future.

A brief introduction on the telecommunication revolution includes Ka-band satellite launches such as O3b by SES/Google and GlobalXpress by Inmarsat. Together with the fibre optics, the telecommunication field is now entering into a full-fledged IP world. The discussion also include recent development in satellite navigation including European equivalent of GPS called Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Chinese Beido and Japanese QZSS.

Now that both IP-based broadband service and the navigation services are becoming global infrastructure, an endless list of applications are now contemplated. The meeting will end with a discussion on some actual examples of M2M and Internet of Things which are being implemented in Japan.