dc13 - 1.0


Ben Hutchings
Day DebConf day 1 (2013-08-11)
Room Main talk room
Start time 14:30
Duration 00:45
ID 1018
Event type lecture

What's new in the Linux kernel

The Linux kernel is under rapid development. Stable releases are made around 5 times per year, each including many new features and support for new hardware. This talk will summarise the features that have been added and enabled since the release of wheezy.

There have been many changes to Linux between wheezy's version 3.2 and the current 3.10. Some of these will require new or updated userland applications to take advantage of them. New filesystems and layered block drivers will require support in the installer. And for ARM, the multiplatform transition is under way.

I will attempt to summarise the most interesting changes and the state of integration in Debian.