dc12 - 1.0


Neil Williams
Day DebConf Day 2 (Tuesday) (2012-07-10)
Room Aula Magna
Start time 18:00
Duration 00:45
ID 852
Event type bof
Track Building and porting

Integrating Emdebian into Debian

dak changes and migration support

Discussion around what has been done and what is still to be done to integrate Emdebian Grip into Debian, involving the migration support and how other teams may want to implement to support the unstable-grip and testing-grip suites. Implications for QA roles and the BTS, issues raised by developers and general questions about Emdebian Grip.

General discussion BOF around anything related to Emdebian Grip, especially how Grip is integrated into Debian after Wheezy. Can also include discussion of the packages selected for Emdebian, how packages get added and removed and why certain packages are included or ignored.