dc11 - 1.0


Stefano Zacchiroli
Day DebConf Day 1 (2011-07-25)
Room Auditorium
Start time 11:00
Duration 00:45
ID 720
Event type lecture
Track Plenaries
Language en

Bits from the DPL

State of the Union^W Debian address

Let's not break the tradition of the "bits from the DPL" address at DebConf! Shamelessly, the DPL will present some of his views on how Debian is going and what are the challenges ahead of us.

Some of the topic that will be covered are: what makes Debian so special and why it's important—for the whole ecosystem of Free Software—that our Project lives long and prosper; what are the advantages and disadvantages of some of Debian peculiarities when compared to some of the other "major" distros out there; what could we do to fulfill our role in the Free Software ecosystem and to smooth some of our rough edges.