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Lucas Nussbaum
Day DebConf Day 5 (2011-07-30)
Room Meeting room
Start time 12:00
Duration 00:45
ID 845
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a 'standard' Git workflow for teams?

It seems that many different teams have recently switched to Git, or are considering switching. But each of them seems to re-implement the wheel by designing their own Git workflow.

I think that it would be fantastic if we could collaborate on defining a common Git workflow. Pros:

  • build on the experience of other teams
  • easier for maintainers who are active in several teams
  • share the documentation work, get better documentation Cons:
  • might require a migration when switching to that 'standard' workflow

I'm mostly interested in teams that maintain a large number of easy packages with at most a handful of patches, not in teams that maintain a few, complicated packages. I'm not sure if we can find a workflow that suits both (but if we can, that's great, and I don't want to exclude those teams from the discussion).

People from the Ruby, Perl and Java teams already expressed interest.

If you are interested in participating (which doesn't mean that you commit on behalf of your team to switch to that workflow, just that you want to participate in the discussions), add yourself (and your team) to http://wiki.debian.org/GitPackagingWorkflow. If more than 3 teams are interested in a BOF at DC11, I'll try to organize one on saturday (all the video-broadcasted slots are taken, but we will make sure to take notes). If the BOF doesn't happen, I'll contact interested people to see how to continue.

I realize that it's unlikely that we will find a unique workflow that fits everybody. But we can probably converge on many things, and then document the few widely-used alternatives for the rest.

See http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2011/07/msg00771.html and http://wiki.debian.org/GitPackagingWorkflow