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Giovanni Mascellani
Day DebConf Day 5 (2011-07-30)
Room Meeting room
Start time 11:00
Duration 00:45
ID 842
Event type bof
Track Skill exchange
Language en

Language Skill Exchange

Let's take this occasion to learn something of each other's languages!

This time languages doesn't range over C, Ruby or Haskell, but Italian, Finnish or Chinese! :-)

Someone invents a list of some English phrases and everyone translate them into their own language, briefly telling something about its feature (which word is the verb, which one is the noun, ...; of course I'm not pretending this is valid for all languages: if your language is completely different from English, this is even more interesting).

For example, is the phrase to translate is "Debconf is wonderful", I'd translate in Italian as "La Debconf è fantastica", explaining that "è" is the verb "is", "fantastica" means "wonderful" (and it's feminine) and that "la" is the article, which is necessary in this case, otherwise people would understand we're talking about a person (most precisely, a girl, since "fantastica" is feminine).

I find it interesting to understand how other languages work. Of course people who speak Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian are mostly welcome! :-)