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Didier Raboud
Day DebConf Day 4 (2011-07-29)
Room Meeting room
Start time 18:00
Duration 00:45
ID 721
Event type bof
Language en

Mobile UXes (Handset, Tablet, Notebook)

Plasma Active, MeeGo UXes ? What is wise to get packaged in Debian ?

There are currently several free software stacks for mobile interfaces are currently under developpement:

  • MeeGo has multiple ones;
  • from the KDE project: Plasma Active, Plasma netbook;
  • Maemo (GTK+)

Credible mobile user interfaces have certainly their place in Debian and there is currently a (perceived ?) lack of those.

This BoF will be focused on evaluating mobile user interfaces (often named "Mobile UXes") for Debian, in particular :

  • knowing what stacks are currently available in Debian (and their state/useability);
  • knowing what stacks are currently not available in Debian (and why?);
  • knowing what work it would take to bring a credible Mobile UX to Debian (e.g. on the N900).