dc11 - 1.0


Andreas Tille
Day DebConf Day 3 (2011-07-28)
Room Auditorium
Start time 12:00
Duration 00:45
ID 711
Event type lecture
Track Blends
Language en

Blending Debian

Debian Pure Blends as a way to structurise the project

Besides the technical aspect which was invented for Debian Pure Blends the idea has a strong focus on how Debian could be perceived by users. If users can be really sure that there is a team in Debian which specifically cares for their very own needs Debian becomes an advantage over other distributions which do not have such dedicated teams. In contrast to the technical aspects presented in last years this talk is rather targeting at making people aware of the less technical points like how to form a team which is visible in and outside Debian, ensuring that the target users outside really know, that Debian is actually working dedicated for their interests and how to involve upstream authors into the Blend and thus coming closer to Debian.