dc10 - 0.5


Stefano Zacchiroli
Day Day 0 ()
Start time
Duration 01:00
ID 608
Event type contest
Track Evening and Social

RCBC - Release Critical Bugs of the Conference

Contest: who will fix most RC bugs during DebConf10?

Debian Squeeze will be released well before DebConf10, that's for sure, probably next week g.

In the (unlikely) case that won't happen, having a conference-long BSP (Bug Squashing Party) to help fixing the (few) remaining RC bugs would be useful.

So, join the RCBC contest, the contest in which gain fame and glory being the one who fixed the most RC bugs during DebConf10!

Technical details are still to be determined, but there will be:

(1) Technical ways to submit a specific RC bug fix (downgrade, NMU, close, etc.) for the contest. (2) Prizes offered by DebConf organization and/or brought collectively by other DebConf participants. (3) Clear rules to break ties, decide how many winner we'll have, etc. (4) An actual public event, towards the end of the conference, where the winner will be acclaimed by the masses. (5) Honor, fame, glory for the winners.

In the [likely] case Squeeze will be ready before DebConf10, no problem, we'll do the same for the next Debian release!

[ And blame^Wthanks to micah for tricking me into propose/organize this! ]