dc10 - 0.5


Don Armstrong
Day DebConf Day 6 (2010-08-06)
Room Davis Auditorium
Start time 16:00
Duration 01:00
ID 580
Event type lecture
Language en


New developments in the ongoing struggle against bugs

Debbugs is the software that underlies bugs.debian.org; currently has over 580,000 bugs filed in it, over 480,000 of which have been fixed. Currently in use by thousands of Debian developers and maintainers and unknown numbers of Debian users daily, it is continuously undergoing upgrades to better service the needs of Developers.

  • Overview of how the BTS works
    • process, service
    • web frontends
    • soap, etc.
  • New features
    • user values
    • action-required sorting (maintainer and submitter views)
      • priority sorting (uservalue)
    • merging of merged bug reports and threaded view
    • control in messages to submit@ and nnn@
    • usertag/uservalue/usercategory duplication/replay
    • rss feeds for packages and bugs
    • remote attachments
    • new spool storage format
    • better statistics
  • Old features that may be unfamiliar
    • fun with bts select
    • full text searching with HE
    • local-debbugs
  • A bald plea for more assistance