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Francois Marier
Day DebConf Day 1 / Debian Day (2010-08-01)
Room 414 Schapiro
Start time 10:30
Duration 01:00
ID 544
Event type lecture
Language en

Supporting Debian machines for friends and family

Notes and tricks from an amateur sysadmin

How to provide friends and family with reliable Debian-based machines without spending all of your evenings maintaining them.

Many Debian developers find themselves providing some form of technical support to friends and family. Achieving the mystical five nines is well beyond the means of an amateur sysadmin like myself, but giving my dad reliable boxes to use can be achieved without eating all of my free time.

This talk will draw on my experience supporting and maintaining my dad's Debian-based computers. I will briefly describe the hardware setup, introduce some useful packages and share some configuration hints. Areas of focus will include system updates, reliability, monitoring and security.

I intend to keep the initial presentation short so that other Debian users and developers can share their own tips and experiences.

Experienced sysadmins are more than welcome to come share their wisdom with us mere mortals, but are unlikely to benefit as much as users and developers who do not make a living keeping the lights on.