dc10 - 0.5


Christian Perrier
Day DebConf Day 5 (2010-08-05)
Room Other Location
Start time 17:30
Duration 03:30
ID 533
Event type other
Track Evening and Social

DC10 runs in Van Cortland Park

Some people among DebConf attendees like running. This year, having DebConf in a big city opens new opportunities to those of us who like to have a break for their fingers and thus move their legs instead.

On Thursday August 5th 7pm, a local group of runners (the Van Cortlandt Track Club) is organizgin one of its X-C Summer Series 5 kilometers cross-country races.

The race location is in Bronx, in Van Cortlandt Park. More information can be found on the [Van Cortlandt Track Club website].

Some of us will join there and participate to this race. Everybody who enjoys running can join in: there's nothing extra high level in this race which apparently gathers all kind of runners already. So, don't be shy: even very occasionnal runners can make it and share some good time with local runners and fellow DebConf attendees.

The race registration fee is quite low (USD 5.-) and no pre-registration is needed, though having a good idea of who is participating would be good.


The race start map is mentioned on [Van Cortlandt Track Club website]. It is very easy to access from Columbia by going through subway line 1 up to the end (Van Cortlandt Park 242th st). The subway station closest to DebConf venue is "116th St Columbia University" on this very same line #1. So going to the race is just going through line #1 to the North up to the end of the line.

When reaching 242th st station, exit the station to the right (eastwards), on the parkside of the street and walk north until you see the runners who gather close to a statue of a tortoise and a rabbit.

We'll group travel to the race location. Meet at 17:30 in front of Carman building. You can come with your running clothes on, a small bag or backpack with other clothes, or the opposite. There will be a place to leave your stuff at the race start (avoid leaving valuables in bags, though). Christian will be carrying his running belt for those of you folks who would like to have some important stuff kept safely.