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Andreas Tille
Day DebConf day 3 (2008-08-12)
Room Salon del mar
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 245
Event type podium
Track DebConf
Language en

Debian Derivers Roundtable

The Debian-Derivers round-table will bring together representatives of organizations involved in producing Debian derived distributions to discuss the political, organizational, and social barriers to collaboration with Debian and with each other. The round table will include representatives of Canonical and Ubuntu, Skolelinux/Debian-Edu and a representative from the CDD community (e.g., Enrico Zini, Andreas Tille, etc). If available, it may also include representatives from any number of Spanish distributions distributions who may be in attendance (e.g., Guadalinex, Llurex, LinEx), Userlinux, and others. A complete roster will be created once conference attendees have been settled.

Participiants: Martin F Krafft <madduck@madduck.net> (vcs-pkg.org), Florian Maier <contact@marsmenschen.com> (LiMux), Cesar Gomez <cesar.gomez@gmail.com> (Linex), Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> (Debian Edu), Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org>, Mark Shuttleworth <marks@debian.org> (Ubuntu), Bdale Garbee (Debian)