dc13 - 1.0


Gergely Nagy
Day DebConf day 6 (2013-08-16)
Room Second talk room
Start time 18:30
Duration 00:45
ID 1009
Event type tutorial
Track Debian 20th birthday
Language en

Packaging for beginners

(debhelpering ponies for great justice)

A quick introduction to Debian packaging basics, for beginners, covering the basics, with examples, ponies and lots of debhelper goodness, and pointers for further reading. Based on the good feedback from DC11, I'd like to repeat the tutorial, with more preparation this time around.

We'll take a very handy little package called ponysay, and package it up from zero to lintian clean, all steps explained, all questions answered. Then we'll spice it up a little - if time allows - to introduce dependencies, and learn about upgrades and other tools that help increase the quality of the distribution, such as piuparts, sbuild and a few others.