dc12 - 1.0


Guido Trotter
Day DebConf Day 4 (Thursday) (2012-07-12)
Room Aula Magna
Start time 17:00
Duration 00:45
ID 854
Event type
Track Debian for the cloud

Ganeti: "how you can use it" + "how we did it"

A simple and effective virtualization cluster

Ganeti is a cluster virtualization manager.

In the first part of the talk audience members new to Ganeti but using or interested in using virtualization to provide service infrastructure, or IaaS style services can learn about how to use Ganeti to enable them to efficiently manage their hardware resources.

The second part of the talk, geared towards advanced users and developers, will cover the internals of the software, how to modify it to completely suit one's needs, and the latest developments in the 2.5, 2.6 and upcoming 2.7 versions.

Ganeti "how you can use it":

  • what is Ganeti
  • how to manage virtualization hosting with Ganeti
  • how is Ganeti used at Google (fleet tools, automation, monitoring)

Ganeti "how we made it":

  • internals of Ganeti
  • how to make simple modifications